17.05.2024 Performance

Doris Uhlich

«SUN site specific»

14 & 16 & 18h
at Bergisel Stadion und Skisprungschanze

Aiming high – as a further development of her play SUN in SUN site specific, Doris Uhlich has the celestial body land on the Bergisel ski jump. Performative actions, both solo and in a group, accompanied by electronic sounds, enter into a dialogue with the architecture and history of the venue. The performance subversively transcends conventional notions of the body, dance and nudity.

‘I am creating the performance SUN site specific for the Bergisel ski jump as part of INNSBRUCK INTERNATIONAL. Biennial of the Arts 2024. I am performing the sun in the open air! There will be different stations to which I will take the audience. Except for the winter season, the sun dances on the ski jump – in a place where one wishes for cold, snowy winters, but where global warming does not go unnoticed.’ (Doris Uhlich)


Trailer: https://vimeo.com/976486192


Solo presentations Doris Uhlich
Co-production INNSBRUCK INTERNATIONAL. Biennial of the Arts 2024 and Tiroler Landestheater



Concept, Choreography, Performance: Doris Uhlich
Performance: Ann Muller, Sarah Plattner, Amélie Dieudonné, Emilia Ogilvie, Georg Ruhdorfer, Veronika Geiger (Vrovro), Judith Klemenc, David Ferdigg, Vera Héritier, Lisa Mössmer, Katharina Löffler, Meike Jockusch & Stephanie Schumacher-Scharfetter
Ski Jumper: Martin Nagiller, Thomas Ortner
Concept, DJ, Sound: Boris Kopeinig
Rehearsals Management: Ann Muller
Company Management, Production: Margot Wehinger
International Distribution: Something Great


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